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Concept, Design, Programming

Theese are ideas and concepts, partly ready for launch, partly waiting for someone to fulfill a missing task. If you are looking for client work, jump here

Digital Bills

No paperwork.

Digital bills by sms or email.
Know your clients.
Let them remember your service.
Your bill is your cheapest advertising.

Dinner and Lunch

Get regulars and serve moods.

Dinnerandlunch is for regulars. Get them to know your meals and menus, let them order by phone, pay by cc and enjoy in real.

SEO and the truth

Your site from above.

Google is all about personalisation.
Get to know how others find your service.

Online Coaching

Get ready now.

Online fitness for online coaching. An online lession, as private as at home.

Me and Iphone

Just simplified IOS guide:

has the world-tour mode for photographers, and a swap-in for google services.

Vote and Ask

Push your club.

Members ask and vote during the action. Simplified Q&A and voting-system for each society or club or paper.

Pizza Roma

a virtual brand with real impact.

Pizza-roma delivers fast, bills online and has three decent meals per day. Be a regular.

Scissors, Knives and more

Affiliate shop, fully automated.

You can buy the products and the shop too.

This is client work. We made the concepts, we installed the servers, we made the backend and the frontend too. In most cases we made a webapp too. Everything is AMP enabled.

Handmade Carpets

about 20000 individual products in stock, live reservation, stockkeeping  and billing.


Glimpse of a swiss soccer newspaper with events calendar



Hotel group website with booking.

Marketing Messbar Machen


Moodle integration



Website for architects with on-the-fly image rendering in your desired size.


Retro video rental system.
2017 offline, of corse ..

Online reservation, live display of free items, a webapp, a workhorse

An infocompanies webapp


Serving data from existing backend using a new style.